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Born in 1979. Ayben Kaynar Tanır graduated from The Department of Arts and Crafts Education at the Faculty of Education in Mustafa Kemal University in 2000. After she worked as an instructor at the Turkish Ministry of Education in between the years 2000 and 2003, she both worked as a Research Assistant in the faculty of Education at the Mustafa Kemal University in between the years of 2003 and 2007 and at the department of fine arts education in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Ankara University. She continued as a PhD. Research Assistant at the Mustafa Kemal University in between the years of 2014 and 2017. She has been working as a Phd. University lecturer /instructor in the Department Basic Art Education in the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the Ankara University since 2017. She gained her expertise in the thesis of “Origins and Support Systems of Exlibris and An Artist : Hasip Pektaş”. Afterwards, her PhD degree concerned the “Applicability of Printmaking course in the context of Postmodern Art Education: An Action Research” In order to follow the innovations in her area of specialization, She has interned for three months at Green Door, a special workshop in Derby, England. During her internship period she opened up a personal exhibition called “INNER - OUTER OUT” in Derby Cathedral Coffee Shop and attended in various national and international group exhibitions. For instance; “Istanbul 1997 UN Fund Fund (UNICEF) VIII. Poster Competition” 2nd prize, “Exhibition in 2000 Toron / Poland International 12th Children and Youth Graphic Biennial”, In 2004, Painting Competition on “28 September/Individual disarmament”, mention, in Istanbul. April 15 World Art Day by International Plastic Arts Association 2017 “Akademix” to accept and exhibit etc. Her exlibris works have been exhibited internationally in Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland and Istanbul. She is also a member of Istanbul Exlibris Derneği (İstanbul EX_LIBRIS Society), Sanat Eğitimcileri Derneği (Art Educators Association), Görsel Sanatlar Eğitimi Derneği (Visual Arts Education Association) and Çağdaş Drama Derneği (Contemporary Drama Association).

Ayben Kaynar Tanır has received her Associate Professor degree in 2020 and she  continues her responsibilities within the department of Fine Arts in the Ankara University. She has five solo exhibitions in the several art galleries in Ankara. Besides, she has also participated in various national & international joint exhibitions.



2010      “Inner&Outer”, Derby Cathedral Coffee Shop, Derby- United Kingdom.

2019      “Purgatory”, Ankara University Culture & Art Gallery, Ankara.

2019      “Exlibris/Ekslibris”, İskender Sayek Culture and Art Gallery, Arsuz-Hatay.

2019      “Duality”, Sevgi Art Gallery, Ankara.

2020      “Unity ve Duality”, Tosca Art&Design, Ankara.