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Semire Ruken Öztürk is Professor the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University, Turkey. She completed her doctorate in 1998 at Ankara University. She became associate professor in 2004, and professor in 2010. She has many books and articles on cinema. She is one of the founders of Turkey's first refereed and academic cinema journal, sinecine: Journal of Film Studies. Her last book, consisting of three volumes, is on censorship in Turkey and she wrote it together with Ali Karadoğan. Among her published books in Turkish: Postmodernizm ve Sinema (Postmodernism and Cinema, 1997, with S. Büyükdüvenci), which she co-translated and co-edited; Sinemada Kadın Olmak (Being a Woman in Cinema, 2000); Sinemanın Dişil Yüzü: Türkiye’de Kadın Yönetmenler (Female Side of Cinema: Women Filmmakers in Turkey, 2004). She also wrote Çok Tuhaf Çok Tanıdık: Vesikalı Yarim Üzerine (Strangely Familiar, Familiarly Strange: On Vesikalı Yarim, 2005) with five colleagues. She has many book chapters, for example “Hard to Bear: Women’s Burdens in the Cinema of Yesim Ustaoğlu” (Visions of Struggle in Women's Filmmaking in the Mediterranean, ed. F. Laviosa, Palgrave MacMillan, 2010) and “Uzak/Distant” (The Cinema of North Africa and the Middle East, ed. G. D. Colin, Wallflower Press, 2007).