Defected Grounded Rectangular Patch Antenna with Rhombic-Shaped Slots for Early Phase 5G Applications

Hakanoglu B. G., Sen O., Koc B., HAYBER Ş. E., TÜRKMEN M.

33rd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS) of the International-Union-of-Radio-Science (URSI), Rome, Italy, 29 August - 05 September 2020 identifier identifier


This study presents a novel design of a rectangular patch antenna with rhombic shaped slots (RSS) on the radiating part and five additional slots on the ground plane to create defected ground structure. The first prototype is a conventional inset fed rectangular patch antenna operating at 3.51 GHz which is among the early phase 5G frequency spectrum. The antenna has a return loss level of -37.97 dB and a 10 dB bandwidth of 114.8 MHz. In order to achieve lower return loss levels and improved bandwidth RSS are etched on the radiating part and ground plane. Detailed analysis of the effects of RSS on the characteristics of patch antenna are performed. The results have shown that the final antenna has a 10 dB bandwidth of 116.4 MHz with a return loss level of -55.42 dB which is a 1600 Hz increase in bandwidth and 17.45 dB decrease in return loss levels compared to the reference antenna. As a result of these improved radiation characteristics, the proposed antenna is a suitable candidate for the early phase 5G applications.