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Institutional Information: Ziraat Fakültesi, Su Ürünleri Mühendisliği Bölümü, Su Ürünleri Anabilim Dalı
Research Areas: Seafood, Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences and Technology, bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Learning and Pattern Recognition, Hydrobiology, Food Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biodiversity, Biological Databases, Biotechnology, Environmental Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Genomics, Evolution, Population Genetics




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Dr. Emre Keskin is evolutionary geneticist at Ankara University Evolutionary Genetics Laboratory (eGL) and one of the working group leaders of DNAqua-Net. He received the BS, MSc and PhD degrees from Ankara University, in Biotechnology. After completing his PhD, he joined many EU scientific networks and played a key role in the development of environmental DNA metabarcoding conceptual framework with the task to identify gold-standard genomic tools and novel eco-genomic indices and metrics for routine application for biodiversity assessments and biomonitoring of European water bodies.

He mainly focusses on (e)DNA (meta)barcoding of aquatic ecosystems, especially targeting invasive, endangered and endemic species. His research group is working on vertebrates, invertebrates and microorganisms in terms of epigenetics, bioinformatics and metagenomics.  He has more than 40 published articles and more than 100 presentations at national and international meetings and 7 awards from these presentations. He has taken part in 50 national and international projects so far, and has worked as project leader in 12 of these projects.

Emre Keskin was awarded with international awards by FSBI (British Islands Fisheries Association), COST (European Science and Technology Association) and LiF (Innovation Leadership Foundation) as a result of his studies. The next generation eDNA Metabarcoding Kit developed by the biotechnology company he founded was awarded with an award for the evaluation of innovation projects made by the British Royal Academy and Newton Foundation.

He is a member of various commissions of 6 different international organizations, namely the United Nations IPBES and IUCN. Emre Keskin continues to work on the national platform as a member of Fisheries Genetic Resources Advisory Commission, Fisheries Research Programs Evaluation Group and the Biodiversity, Education and Renewable Energy Working Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


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