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Emine Özmete is the Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences. He is the founding director of Ankara University Aging Studies Application and Research Center (YAŞAM). He established the Aging Studies Application and Research Center for the first time in Turkey with an interdisciplinary approach based on the disciplines of Gerontology and Geriatrics. She still continues his duty as the responsible director. Between 2019-2020, he served as Head of the Department of Social Work at Ankara University, Faculty of Health Sciences. She served as Advisor to the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services between 2018-2021, and as Advisor to the Minister of Family and Social Services between 2021-2022. He is currently a member of the Scientific Board of the Ministry of Family and Social Services. He served as a member of TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM TR index SBVT Commission between 2014-2022. He is a member of Ankara University Publications Commission and editor-in-chief of Ankara Health Sciences Journal. She served as an expert in the TBMM Research Commission on 'Researching the Problems Encountered by the Elderly in Various Areas of Life and Determining the Precautions to be Taken' and prepared the report. After the Kahramanmaraş earthquake on February 6, 2023, as the Field Coordinator of Ankara University Psychosocial Support Team, he provided psychosocial support services in Elbistan on the 20th day of the earthquake and in Kahramanmaraş City Center on the 60th day of the earthquake. She is the editor of the book titled "Post-Disaster Individual, Group, Community Based Psychosocial Support", which includes the scope of psychosocial support services in the field. She is the author of the study "Psychosocial Support Practices in Kahramanmaraş Center Earthquakes Elbistan and Kahramanmaraş Provincial Center Field Report". She was the executive of two TÜBİTAK projects related to earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş on 6 February. He carried out the "Evaluation of Intergenerational Solidarity Project in Turkey", which was carried out for the first time in Turkey with 4,100 people in 12 regions, supported by TÜBİTAK, and regional mapping was made, and he created the "Intergenerational Solidarity Index" for Turkey. She conducted the "Turkey Active and Healthy Aging Research", which was conducted for the first time in Turkey with 3,000 people in 12 regions, supported by the Ministry of Health. She is the executive of the project titled "Investigating Violence Against Women through the Profile of Criminal Perpetrators" supported by the Ministry of Justice. She was the executive of the Ministry of Family and Social Services in the preparation of the 100th Anniversary Civil Society Vision Document and Action Plan.


She received the title of Science Specialist in 1997 with her Master's thesis on "The Role of Values ​​on the Quality of Life" at Ankara University Institute of Science, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and she received the title of Doctor of Science in 2002 with her thesis on "Quality of Women's Working Life in the Private Sector". In 2006, he was entitled to receive the title of Associate Professor in the field of Social Work in the Basic Field of Social Administrative and Human Sciences. He was appointed to the position of Professor in 2011. She graduated from Ankara University Institute of Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Family Counseling Non-Thesis Master's Program in 2022. Based on the quality of family life in its work; gender roles and division of labor in the family, work and family life balance, psychological well-being in married couples, youth welfare, elderly welfare, elderly care and long-term care services, elderly care tourism, active and healthy aging, elderly abuse, self-neglect in the elderly, aging and migration focuses on issues such as xenophobia, intergenerational solidarity, population and demography, and the care economy. In 2008, she worked as a visiting professor at the Department of Family Studies and Human Development at Iowa State University. In 2016, Professor at the University of Southampton, England, Department of Gerontology and London School of Economics. Dr. she was in England as a guest researcher to conduct studies on the Active Aging Index with Asghar Zaidi. By adapting the Active Aging Index to Turkish, it conducted the "Turkey Active and Healthy Aging Research" for the first time in Turkey with the support of the Ministry of Health. In 2018, she made a scientific study visit to institutions related to elderly care in the Los Angeles Region of California, USA. She was a visiting researcher at Michigan State University School of Social Work in 2019 and at University of London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Sciences in 2022. She has conducted research on elderly care models and long-term care insurance systems in many countries, especially European countries.


In 2020, she participated in the Subjective Well-being (250 Hours) training program at Yale University in the United States and received his certificate of achievement.


She prepared the Disabled and Elderly Services Guide for Local Governments prepared by the Presidential Local Governments Policy Board. He took part in the preparation of the report on "Turkey's Care Economy Toward 2040" prepared by OXFAM (2020). She prepared and wrote the "Turkey Human Rights Report", which was published for the first time in Turkey by the Turkish Human Rights and Equality Institution in 2022.

She attended the United Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Aging meeting held in New York in 2019 on behalf of Turkey and presented his country statement. She attended the OECD Global Strategy Group meeting held in Paris in 2019 on behalf of Turkey and made presentations on working life in Turkey, aging and silver economy, as well as services and models, in the main and sub-sessions. He attended the United Nations UNECE Ministerial Conference on Aging, held in Rome between 15-20 June 2022, as a Delegate.


She is the rapporteur of the Specialized Commission on Aging, which met for the first time in Turkey within the framework of the 10th Development Plan. She is the author of the country report titled "Country Report Republic of Turkey: National Aging Situation: Aging and Elderly Care Services in Turkey" prepared for UNECE in 2016. She is the author of the report and book titled "Elderly Care Services Report in Turkey: Best Practice Examples from Europe and a Model Design for Turkey", in which he developed the elderly care service model for our country in 2017.

“Empowerment of Veterans Project” with Psychosocial Support Training for Service Providers in Azerbaijan, Golden Age Platform: Inclusion of Senior Citizens To Virtualised Environments With Life Long Learning Facilities GAP-IOS Project, European Adult Learning 6 Project, Meaningful Occupation After Retirement for Active and Healthy Aging (More), Geriatric Patient Assessment Training Project in Home Health Services, Project on Increasing Institutional Capacity in the Field of Social Inclusion Policies of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Report On System Analysis: Long-Term Care in Turkey, Evaluation of Intergenerational Solidarity in Turkey Project, Healthy Aging and Encountered Problems Study Research, Turkey Active and Healthy Aging Research, Diversity and Mentoring approaches to Support Active Aging and Integration, Elderly Poverty in Ankara: Analysis of Economic, Social, Cultural Needs, People Living Alone at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Service Center for the Elderly A Community-Based Care Proposal for the Elderly: Sustainable Daily Life Support Volunteers Network, Development and Implementation of Life Skills Training Program for Young People. He took part as an executive and researcher in projects supported by organizations such as TÜBİTAK, EU, UN and Development Agency, such as the Resource Management Training Project for Families in the Transition to Irrigated Agriculture in the GAP Region.


In TÜBİTAK projects, they perform duties such as audience referees and panelists. He served as the chairman and coordinator of the Scientific Commission of the 1st Council on Aging, which was held for the first time in our country in 2019. She contributed to the preparation of the Aging Vision Document. VI. and VII. He prepared reports as the chairman of the Disabled and Elderly Commission at the Family Council. VII. He took part in the Family Council as a moderator and rapporteur and contributed to the preparation of the Family Vision Document.


Sustainable Healthy Societies Conference, More Sustainable Development Goals Conference during the Pandemic Period, 1st International Orthosis and Prosthesis Congress, Global Crises: Pandemic, Elderly and Solidarity Conference, Turkey Active and Healthy Aging Summit (2016, 2017, 2018), Future of Elderly Care: Migration, Social Inclusion and Solidarity, Evaluation of Rights-Based Innovative Approaches and Search for Good Models in Elderly Care Services in Turkey, Aging and Life Conference, International Congress on Longevity, Global Elderly Care and Elderly Tourism Meeting, Elderly Rights, Intergenerational Solidarity and Active Aging Symposium He organized conferences and congresses on Social Policy Agenda for the Elderly, Health and Aging: Being Healthy Adds Life to the Years.


She is the author of 15 books, including 2 textbooks. He was also the chief editor of the "Elderly Care" book set on the subject of A Multifaceted View of Aging, which includes 12 books in the field of elderly care. He took part as editor in 2 books. She is the author of many chapters in books published by national and international publishing houses. There are many research articles published in national and international journals. He participates in national and international congresses as an invited speaker.


She has advised and continues to advise many master's and doctoral students, including students who receive official scholarships from different institutions in our country, such as the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, and students who receive postgraduate education abroad. He teaches courses on Gerontological Social Work, Poverty and Social Work, Social Welfare, Development Models, Human Rights and Career Planning.


She is a member of the International Federation on Social Work, International Federation on Aging and International Federation on Home Economic, European Network on Intercultural Elderly Care (ENIEC).