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Institutional Information: Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, Sosyal Hizmet Bölümü, Sosyal Hizmet Anabilim Dalı
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Emine Özmete is professor at Ankara University, at the Department of Social Work. She is the head of the Center on Aging Studies Implementation and Research at Ankara University. She is conducting her studies about quality of life, well-being, social capital, life skill education, financial behavior- financial planning and resource management in the family, gender studies and aging studies. Prof. Dr. Emine Ozmete received her MS in Family and Consumer Sciences from the University of Ankara in 1997 about the role of values on quality of life married couples. In 2002 she received her doctorate degree from the University of Ankara. Her Doctorate Thesis is on quality of work life of women’s who are working in private sector. She visited to USA Iowa State University, Department of Family Studies and Human Development as scholar. When European Union announced 2012 as the year of active aging and international solidarity and on March there was the week of respect for elderly people at Turkey, Prof. Özmete has leaded the International Solidarity and Active Aging Symposium which organized by Family and Social Policies Ministry and Center on Aging Studies of Ankara University. Also she organized the Aging and Health: Good Health Adds Life to Years Symposium with World Health Organization Turkey Office and Center on Aging Studies of Ankara University when the World Health Organization designated the aging and health as the subject of the agenda for World Health Day at April 7, 2012, and she organized Global Elderly Care and Elderly Tourism-2013-, Alzheimer Awareness Conference and Age Friendly Technologies and Designs in 2014. Prof. Özmete is a respective member of International Federation on Aging and International Federation on Social Work. She has carried out several project such as "Development of Life Skills Education Programme to Young People- 2005-2009", "Elderly Poverty Project: Analysis of Economic, Social and Cultural Needs-2012", "Assessment of Intergenerational Solidarity in Turkey-2015-2016", "Healthy Aging and Encountered Problems Project-2015", "Elder Abuse Research-2015" supported by National Scientific Council, Development Agency or Ministry of Health. She is advisory member of Family and Social Policies Ministry. She visited to Southampton University to work with Prof.Dr. Asghar Zaidi during July and August, 2016.