Ulusal Manyertik Rezonan Merkezi

UMRAM has been established in May 2009 at Bilkent-Cyberpark with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Development. Currently, UMRAM is housed in Aysel Sabuncu Brain Research Center. The mission of UMRAM is to promote, facilitate, and conduct research on magnetic resonance imaging. UMRAM brings together an interdisciplinary group of investigators to study and use the technology of magnetic resonance imaging. Currently, the center consists of four research groups: MRI Hardware Engineering, MRI Software Engineering, Psychology and Neuroscience, and Radiology. The facilities include a Siemens 3T MAGNETOM Trio A Tim System MR Scanner and Scimedix SM160 1.5T MR scanner which are solely dedicated to research. UMRAM also has animal research, electronics, and psychophysics laboratories. UMRAM has a direct access policy of use, i.e. it is open to researchers who would like to use the facilities and can provide staff support for data collection.