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Computed microtomography (Micro-CT) is an imaging technique that allows the different density components of samples to be examined in high resolution, non-destructively, in 3D. Rays passing through the sample, rotating 180/360 degrees in front of an X-ray source, are detected by a camera. Quantitative, volumetric and morphological analyzes in 3 dimensions can be performed on the components that make up the sample from the obtained data sets. Skyscan 1275 scanner is installed in Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry Central Research Laboratory Micro IT Laboratory. The samples to be examined in the device must be smaller than a maximum diameter of 96 mm and a height of 120 mm. Scan results are delivered in reconstruction form. Micro CT technology can be used in various disciplines, such as biomedical materials, composite materials, dental research, electronic circuits, geology, construction, and anatomy.