Artifical Intellengence for Medical Imaging

Welcome to Group AI Lab for Medical Imaging!.

Within the scope of this project, it is planned to develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications for DMFR and Cardiopulmonary İmaging. It is aimed to establish a digital data center and algorithms such as deep learning and semantic classification. Using this information, diagnosis, and treatment planning systems based on AI will be developed to be used in many processes from diagnosis to treatment planning in dentistry and medicine.

It is also aimed to develop an AI system that can be used for evaluation of the images obtained from different imaging devices such as USG, OPG, CBCT, MRG, MDCT.

In addition, AI studies will be encouraged to be established by the members and students of the faculties of dentistry and medicine to make collaborations. In addition, the center aims to contribute to the studies to be carried out on an international platform.

Recent Publications