Gamma spektroskopisinde iz sürme tekniğinin geliştirilmesi ve AGATA Projesine aktif katılım

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Ataç Nyberg A.(Executive), Kaşkaş Öztepe A., Şenyiğit M.

TUBITAK Project, 2006 - 2009

  • Project Type: TUBITAK Project
  • Begin Date: July 2006
  • End Date: July 2009

Project Abstract

The aim of the project is to faciliate an active Turkish participation to the AGATA project, which is one of the most important and promising projects for the future of nuclear physics. AGATA is a wide European project which has members in over 40 research institutes in 10 countries. At the same time AGATA is the name of a gamma-ray detector array which is being developed within this project. The AGATA detector array will consist of 180 high purity Ge detectors which will be arranged in triple modules and each detector will consist of 36 electronically divided segments. With the segmentation of the detectors and the specially developed digital signal technique, Compton scattered gamma-rays will be traced within the detector array (tracking).
Within this project, we carried out simulations with the aim of improving the existing tracking algorithms in order to be able to discriminate neutrons and gamma-rays hitting AGATA detectors after a heavy-ion fusion evaporation reaction. Furthermore, we participated in the first test experiment using one AGATA triple cluster detector and in the preparation of experimental proposals for AGATA. Some of the work is already published. What is more important than this, with the future experimental proposals, we have strengthened our position within the AGATA collaboration.